Artfully designed furnishings and accents invite the organic allure of nature indoors. Deft metalworking and enameling bring vases, bowls, clocks, mirrors, tables, and candle holders gracefully to life. Our artistry shines with embroidered threads, beads, and crystals on plush velvet pillows and throws. Swarovski® crystals placed with expert hands add that Jay Strongwater signature sparkle. Each splendid design is crafted to be treasured—a crowning jewel for your home.

At Home


Frames hold the latticework of our lives. Each lovingly and expertly designed piece evokes its function with beautiful form. Choose a whimsical floral, classic deco or an enchanting treasure from the sea—each crafted to be cherished along with the precious memories it keeps.


Masterful artistry purveys floral figurines and objéts as though they were just picked from green meadows. Creatures are so lifelike you might expect to see them traversing a Serengeti plain. Winged angels festively spread joyful news while Santa’s sleigh takes flight. Each handcrafted piece exemplifies a unique vision that is vividly portrayed and brilliantly bejeweled with expert metalwork, enameling, and hand-set Swarovski crystals.



Delight in an eclectic mix of critters, florals, icons and decorative motifs. Beautifully handcrafted brooches, miniature pins, lockets, and charms are cast in weighty pewter and expertly finished with antiqued oxidized brass or lustrous 18K gold. Pieces are deftly hand-painted and detailed with translucent hues covering soft colored under layers. Each is then spritzed with Swarovski® crystals in a myriad of brilliant colors and cuts. Link-chain necklaces and bracelets finished in textured 18K gold plate, and the signature Jay Strongwater ring and toggle closure, complete the exclusive collection.


For special occasions or just because...
Gifts crafted to last for a lifetime of celebrations, to dazzle and delight them from the moment they lift the top off the box.



The captivating romance and beauty of orchids inspires the Bloomsbury Collection, with delicate lush petals flourishing in creams, pale pinks, and vivid fuchsias. The blossoms were first carved in wax, to delineate each petal’s undulating shape, and then molded in pewter, and finished in 14K gold. These orchids alight boxes, frames, and trays with fragile beauty against layers of creamy white enamel and mouth-blown glass vases, bowls, and perfume bottles. The curious cockatoo figurine punctuates the collection with fully extended, pure white wings tipped in pale apricot.


The natural beauty of a zebra’s stripes enlivens the Safari Collection with a chic black and white look—whether boldly painted on a frame, enameled across a butterfly trinket tray or embroidered on a velvet pillow. Elegant dark brown Classic frames are outlined with white opal crystals for great graphic appeal.



This rare metal mesmerizes with an eternal beauty. The Platinum Collection showcases paved crystals—dipped in platinum, gold, and bronze—across the surface of each design. The frames shimmer with thousands of reflections radiating from each hand-set crystal stone. Our Classic frames are enameled in platinum grey, contrasted by an edge of faceted gold crystals. The elegant candlesticks and candelabra ascend from bases sparking with large faceted crystal stones, with their hammered metal surfaces painted in transparent amber enamel.


Ruby, emerald, topaz, and amethyst stones captivate us with their facets of intense colors. Each design in the Jewels Collection is a reflection of these colors: the chevron frame is regal in emerald hues, while the striped frame is a melange of rich jewel tones. Shades of red enamel, swirled and marbleized in perfect harmony, adorn the ruby-inspired scroll clock. Frames sparkle, their edges hand-set with an array of crystals.



The romance and allure of the Scottish Highlands enchants us with its sweeping woodlands. Our majestic metal stag figurine nobly stands guard, with beautiful antlers rising high from his head. His body painted in layers of transparent enamel over the fur texture, accentuated with crystal stones. The pair of inquisitive owls’ feathers and painted in a melange of cream-, brown-, and amber-hued enamels. The beauty and grace of the horse has been sculpted in clay, cast in metal, finished in gold, and painted in warm tones; his mane is hand-set with burgundy and smoked topaz crystal stones.


The arresting palette of blue-and-white Chinese porcelain inspired the Indigo Collection. This collection balances the romance of enameled hydrangea flowers wrapped around a dappled blue glass bowl, with the sharper graphic quality of striped picture frames. The scalloped frame showcases the intricate enamel technique of swirling several colors together in a pattern inspired by old Florentine bookbinding papers. A lushly sculpted bouquet on a box of delicate overlapping leaves and a frame of arching fern leaves are are painted in an impressionistic palette of cobalt, Prussian, and indigo blues mixed with creamy whites.



Nature inspires the Luminous Collection, with its silhouettes of shells, crustaceans, mollusks, and fish depicted in hammered bezels that are individually fitted together, then set with faceted crystal stones and pearls. Hold each one to see all the details, then place on the coordinating stand for display. The most charming crab and starfish boxes complete the collection with great style and wit.


Our first drawings for the Nouveau Collection were inspired by an antique art nouveau mirror of Jay’s. He wanted to capture the luxurious personal feel of that piece when he held it. Strikingly beautiful, satin-gold-finished cast pewter flowers and scrolls, stoned and enameled with creamy shades of rose, lilac, and celadon, grace the metal tops of the cream-lacquered tissue holder and wastebasket. Equally beautiful on their own, or displayed with the standing mirror and mirrored tray of this most enchanting vanity collection. A very talented team of Pennsylvania glass blowers shapes luminescent pale pink glass, swirled with gold frit, for the extraordinary soap dish.



The allure of the peacock is expressed in designs ablaze with shimmering, iridescent crystals. The graceful, sweeping gesture of peacock feathers defines. Beautifully carved feathers sway with twinkling crystals in shades of amethyst, blue zircon, and topaz. Exotic figurines proudly show off their tails, set with lapis lazuli, azurite, and jade semiprecious cabochons.


The Classic Collection has evolved organically over time. Simplicity, elegance, and versatility are its cornerstones. These characteristics make Classics the perfect canvas for blending current trends in fashion and the decorative arts, or even borrowing elements from other Jay Strongwater collections. Inspirations in a piece’s enameling might derive from the vivid hues threaded through Indonesian Ikat textiles, or Swarovski® crystal settings that emulate popular ombré dye or weaving techniques. Mixing Classics with unique seasonal elements gives designs poignancy and timeless appeal.

Flora & Fauna


Well rooted in the beauty of nature—color and form grow with deft metalworking and painstaking attention to the tiniest detail. Branches and vines climb frames, lovebirds perch atop charms, magnolias blossom on hand-embroidered pillows. Enameled petals look plucked from lush meadows, as bejeweled butterflies flit and flutter about. Each bloom and creature is bespeckled with Swarovski® crystals and glistens as though awakened by the morning dew. Nature is ever changing, ever evolving. Flora & Fauna embraces these magnificent metamorphoses, and serves to inspire and rejuvenate.



Evolving since 2001, Jungle winds through dense forests settled with lifelike vegetation and creatures. Indigenous animals seem lifted from their native habitat—all at the ready to roar, gallop, perch or pounce. Deft enameling shows figurines’ true colors, while crystal-specked foliage in deep greens creates a brilliant backdrop. Frames—in forms of beasts or inspired by colorfully spotted skins—inspire and delight. Bejeweled boxes, king-of-beast bookends, and beautifully mouth-blown Portuguese glass decor round out the warmly toned collection, which is as sultry as the tropical climate of its origins. Available in the U.S. exclusively at Neiman Marcus.


Opulent in design, unsurpassed in craftsmanship—Luxe is beauty to behold. And many are limited in edition to just a brilliantly bejeweled few. 18K gold finishes intermix with thousands of Swarovski® crystals that are set by hand. Semiprecious accents add richness, while layer upon layer of lustrous enamel create a visual experience that is unmatched. Skilled artisans expertly place petals, leaves, feathers, shells, and scrolls in perfect balance. This collection, with its lifelike creatures, sensational vessels, and decorative accents, is magnificently designed to be collected and treasured for generations to come.