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Jay Strongwater

Hildy Owl 5" Figurine

Hildy Owl 5" Figurine

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SKU: SDH1833-614

How adorable! Our cute, snowy owl sits majestically on a tree stump gazing out through his bright aquamarine crystal eyes. This figurine was brilliantly carved over several months in clay, molded in pewter and finished in antique silver. Our finest artisans at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop spend hours painting each feather on the Hildy Owl Figurine in ombre shades of pearly white, silvery grey, woody brown and gunmetal grey enamels. Hand-set with luminous Swarovski® crystals in shades of black diamond and smoky quartz. Beautiful on his own or sitting with the regal Milo Owl figurine.

The Details

3.5" W x 3"" D x 4.5" H


Pewter casting with an antique silver finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals at the Jay Strongwater Rhode Island workshop.


Signature Jay Strongwater box with brown velvet protective bag.

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